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Experience the ancient art of archery with the help of modern day equipment. Archery is one of the most relaxing and self fulfilling sports that a person can find these days. Competent instructors will help you master the technique of shooting a re-curve bow, a powerful crossbow and if you up to a challenge the modern compound bow.

Impact Adventure Africa Archery


Regardless of age, gender, fitness or previous experience, archery is a very popular activity. It’s a fun and challenging activity which almost anyone can master quickly, individually or in a group.So which type of bow should you shoot as an archery beginner?  The bow you choose will generally depend on two things: what feels good to you as an archer, and the type of archery you want to pursue

Impact Adventure outlines basic archery safety rules for before, during and after you shoot.

Don’t get uptight! If you can’t forget about any mistakes, then the next arrow is likely to be just as bad, if not worse. By all means learn from a mistake, but adopting the right attitude can make archery enjoyable and lead to vast improvement