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ImpactAdventure team building

ImpactAdventure team building

Team building & other Group Activities

Impact Adventure Africa is your one-stop solution for unforgettable Team Building experience. We have many years of experience on the team!

Our team building activities & team building events are outcome based, yet also focus on fun and laughter as this element will break down barriers between individuals and groups alike, building stronger personal relations within your company or organisation.

Impact Adventure Africa can also provide your group with outcome based formal training team building programs focusing on development of your group in the training room. Provide us with your specific objectives and outcomes for this solution.

We normally start any team building with a few warm-up or ice breaker games.


TARGET SHOOTING (Adjustable according to disabled needs, strenuous/non-strenuous)

Individuals or teams challenge each other through the various target shooting stations as they accumulate points at each challenge. All equipment supplied and no experience needed.

Outcome: Target orientated challenges, outside relaxation, focuses on learning new skills, and improves hand eye co-ordination. (0utdoors)

 Games include:

  • Archery target shooting: Master one of the oldest and exciting sports in the world. Groups will compete against each other in a battle for the highest score. Each archer is given the opportunity of scoring points for their team by aiming for the high score on the target.
  • Blow pipes: a stable hand is needed as delegates blow small darts through a large pee-shooter object scoring points by aiming for the high score on the target.
  • Sling shot / ketty shootout: Those were the days; feel like child again… using stones as ammunition and plastic coloured bottles as the target.
  • Air guns/rifles: Aiming at the target using an air gun/rifle to obtain the highest possible score for your team.
  • Paintball target shooting: Teams test their hand with targets hung at the end of a shooting area that can challenge even the most confident shooter. You get a predetermined number of Paintballs to shoot at the targets and prove how good a shot you are. Competitions can be run or you can just shoot for fun.
  • Wild Golf: This game can be played in just about any venue and is similar in concept to the tradional golf but used larger plastic balls and multi-purpose clubs.  You do not need to be a good golfer for this activity. The plastic balls level the playing field for all. Similar to traditional golf, the members need to get the ball to the specified target in the least amount of shots. Another way of playing this game is getting the ball to the target in the fastest amount of time.

 Bundu Race: (Can be adjusted according to disabled needs, non-strenuous, outdoor)

Loose the suit and tie and create a unique tribe identity! Teams create an identity by selecting a tribal name, team flag and their own unique war cry!

Teams will compete against each other, earning points at the various problem solving & timed circuits’ as they complete each challenge. These puzzles, codes, riddles and performed tasks, each leading to the next mystery location. The elements will include problem solving, interactive teamwork, overcoming fears and of course creative out of the box thinking! The team that crosses the finish line first, and have the most points will be the winner!

Outcome: Mysterious & surprising, fun & laughter, team synergy and effective communication, strategizing & execution of a solid plan, boost camaraderie & get to know each other, energetic


Bush Chef (Can be adjusted according to disabled needs, non-strenuous, indoor).

One of the most watched TV shows… let’s see if your team’s culinary skills are up to the challenge! An inspirational activity and great leveller for all groups, it is practical and involves everyone. It also produces almost immediate results, making your team feel great! Each team needs to create a 3 course meal from set ingredients. All the ingredients and accessories will be provided. Judging will be based on the taste, as well as plating and garnishing of the meals.

Outcome: boost company morale, increase productivity, improves leadership skills and develop stronger working relationships.

 River Rafting (not suitable for disabled persons, strenuous, outdoor)

Rafting down a mostly forgotten stretch of river, in an inflatable 2 man canoe, can prove to be more adventures fun than ever imagined! The challenge is not only negotiating the twist and turns, but also mastering the rapids, whilst enjoying the astonishing views along the quieter sections of the river. Can also be combined with an awesome quad bike session!

Outcome: Outdoor relaxation, adventures fun, exercise, improves hand eye co-ordination.

Abseiling (not suitable for disabled persons, strenuous, Harties venue)

Abseiling is an exciting activity that can be done from outcrops, mountains, bridges and buildings. It is also an essential skill to enable you to descend from a climb when there are no other viable means of safe descent. Challenge yourself to this exceptional activity!

Outcome: Adventures fun and high energiser, individually challenging, learning a new skill, outdoor relaxation.

Rates Include:

  • Equipment and activities as described.
  • Event management & Professional Facilitation.
  • PA & Powerful Music System with large groups.

Rates Exclude:

  • Venue hire and catering.
  • Any refreshments and Bar accounts.
  • Qualified medic.
  • Prizes or expenses of a personal nature.


Please Note:

  • Bookings are subject to availability.
  • 50% deposit required on confirmation, balance due 7 working days prior to the event.
  • The participants are required to sign an indemnity form.
  • Bar account to be settled directly with the venue before departure.
  • Day/Adventure activities – No alcohol allowed prior or during the events.

Whatever your needs are, from a half day experience to an adventure filled weekend at one of our carefully sourced venues, email us your request. Whether your focus is on leadership, teamwork, education, peer support, problem solving or just fun, your adventure based program with Moganwe Adventures will exceed your expectations.

Impact Adventure Africa can customise any package according to your group needs. We have a list of preferred venues for all our activities and packages but if you have a different venue in mind please mention it.

Suggested Extras:

Photographer, Bandannas, War-paint, Trophies/ Certificates/Prizes, Restaurant and cash bar as well as Snack Packs. Quoted separately.  Groups of 8 packs and more.